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Trust in Fate: This heavy flail is made of pale yellow wood and partially plated in gold. The haft is bound in steel bandings and carved with shield spells on its entire length. The head bears many symbols of broken shields interspersed among its points.

This weapon was made for Dal Akan, the captain of the guard of a great temple of the goddess of fate. Dal Akan had a strange sense of prophecy—he awoke every morning knowing what harm would befall him that day, if any. This strange gift of the goddess made him a natural choice for leader of her temple guards, and secure in his knowledge of his life or death he faced down dangers to the temple that none thought could be defeated. When one day he awoke knowing he was going to die, he suspected a similar fate might befall the priests of the temple and convinced them to leave before the attack came. Guarding the temple door with only his most loyal soldiers with him—those that would rather face death than abandon their beloved captain—Dal Akan was attacked by evil cultists desiring secret prophesies said to be stored in the temple. All defenders were slain, Dal having been turned to stone by a medusa cultist. The attackers found no prophecies (as they had been spirited away by the fleeing priests) and had to be content with valuables left in the temple, including Trust in Fate. The flail was used to defend the cultist’s lair and was taken as spoils when they were destroyed by a rival cult of necromancers. The necromancers gave the weapon to a ghoul priest in exchange for his services, and when the necromancers turned on each other in their paranoia the ghoul left with the weapon.

Trust in Fate is a +3 defending heavy flail. Once per day the wielder can invoke a true strike spell as a standard action. When the true strike is activated, the end of the flail shines with a clear, yellow light, illuminating a 30-foot radius. The light fades when the true strike effect ends.

Caster Level: 9th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Shield/Shield of Faith, True Strike; Market Price: 33,315 gp; Cost to Create: 16,815 gp + 1,320 XP.

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