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True Named[edit]

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A True Named creature is a being that knows his True Name, gaining power from it, but becoming dependant on it.

There has always been lore on creatures having "True Names". Basiclly, every creature is born with a true name, it's said if you know someone's true name you can control, or if you know your own you can become unstoppable, etc. This template defines a creature that learned their true name, and then strengthened their connection to it, making them stronger.

Creating a True Named[edit]

This template is an acquired template, which can be gained by any living creature with an Intelligence score. So undead, constructs and oozes cannot gain this template.

Size and Type[edit]


Hit Dice[edit]

The creature gains 2d8 hit dice.


Increase all natural speeds by 10ft.

Armor Class[edit]

The base creature gains a deflection bonus to Ac equal to their Cha modifier.



Full Attack[edit]


Special Attacks[edit]

The base creature retains all previous abilities, and gains the following:

Smite Enemy: The True Named can use the power given to him by his name to smite a creature. This ability can be used 3 times per day. The True Named adds his Cha modifier to hit and damage with a single melee attack against a the chosen creature.

Special Qualities[edit]

The base creature retains all previous abilities, and gains the following:

Spell Resistance: The base creature gains SR equal to 10 + your Cha modifier.

Damage Reduction: The base creature gains DR /- equal to it's Cha modifier.

Fast Healing: The base creature gains Fast Healing equal to it's Cha modifier.

True Named: A True Named gains many abilities from knowing his true name. When a True Named reaches -10hp, he goes inert, and appears to be dead (Spot DC 25). In this state, the True Named regains hit points as if he was resting, and when the True Named reaches 0hp it awakens, and it's Fast Healing works normally. A True Named has a true name, which must be learned by the base creature to take on this template. A True Named's true name can only be learned by the True Named's freewill. If a True Named hears it's true name pronounced backwards, it dies. No save.


Str+6, Dex+4, Con+4, Cha+2.


Knowledge (Religion)+4.


Gains one bonus feat of base creature's choosing upon taking on this template.





Challenge Rating[edit]

Base Creature +2.







Level Adjustment[edit]


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