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True Companion: True Companion is a ten foot long ranseur, its haft is fashioned from oak stained black with age, the lower five feet bound tightly in scaly red dragon hide and its three pronged head made of highly polished steel.

The name of the prince who commissioned the making of this magical weapon is lost to history but the story of its making is known. A young nobleman was captured on the field of battle after his retainers deserted him in a crucial fight. During the long months of imprisonment that followed, the prince vowed never again to put his trust in mercenary warriors but to find himself an ally who would always be faithful.

In time, the prince was ransomed and returned to his estates. Already impoverished by the cost of securing his release, the nobleman sold his remaining land and invested the money in the construction of a weapon capable of protecting him, the end result being True Companion, a polearm able to fight by the prince’s side. All the wielder need do is release this ranseur and cry “shield me” and the magic weapon will float at the shoulder attacking all who come in reach for the next four rounds, its first attack being an attempt to disarm if the foe carries a weapon. True Companion is a +3 dancing throwing ranseur. It has the additional property of being able to create an extradimensional safe place once per day when the wielder thrusts the weapon upwards and says “sanctuary.” This safe place is identical to the rope trick spell, except that the polearm acts as the rope.

It is said that the prince somehow lost his weapon when crossing a river on the way to besiege the castle of one of his former captors. Gnome traders discovered it downstream and sold it to an adventuring paladin, and it has been a staunch comrade to many a hero since.

Caster Level: 15th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Animate Objects, Magic Stone, Rope Trick; Market Price: 119,910 gp; Cost to Create: 60,110 gp + 4,784 XP.

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