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Trollrender: When giant-kin drifted in from the mountains and hills and threatened local villages and towns, many were the adventurers who heeded the distress call and rose forth to challenge and beat back the marauding invaders. However, this alone was often not sufficient; for every ten giants and kin that faced off with city guards and adventuring parties, there was one who slipped through the cracks and walked deep into human lands. Raining destruction on the defenseless and only retreating to hidden wildlands when threatened, these giants, mostly trolls and ogres, were becoming a threat to the outskirts of civilization.

Two enterprising individuals decided to take on these furtive monsters, tracking them down to their lairs and slaying them outright one after the other. They were known solely as Trollrender and Ogrebreaker, the archer and the swords maiden, the tracker and the wild one.

Working in concert, a ranger from the outskirts and a barbarian from the wastes took it upon themselves to rid the civilized world of giantkin. Their unparalleled tactics produced unmatched results, until the day they fell prey to a band of foes that outmatched even them. Split by their enemy forces, they were brought down and ultimately each perished in solitude.

So passionate were their longing for each other that, after death, their souls remained on the Material Plane and latched onto their weapons of choice. Trollrender, a renown stalker of the unbeaten path and marksman, united with the crossbow he’d acquired from a friend after his previous bow was shattered in battle. The weapon, which now bears his name, possesses no intelligence but instead radiates both hatred and desire: hatred of giants and their kin and a burning desire to be reunited with its lost companion. The bearer of Trollrender will never be satisfied until reunited with Ogrebreaker or its bearer. The weapon is a +1 flaming giant-bane heavy crossbow.

Caster Level: 10th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Flame Blade/Flame Strike/Fireball, Summon Monster I, Market Price: 32,350 gp; Cost to Create: 6,350 gp + 1,280 XP.

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