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See Trivencini (3.5e Creature).


The Trivencini are a race that is loosely related to Dwarves. Standing on average about six feet tall, both genders, Trivencini are well built. They have the bulkiness of their Dwarven ancestors but the size of half giants. They live in large clans consisting of five tribes. Males and females have the same roles except when a female becomes pregnant, where she must then tend to the family until the child as reached adulthood. They age exactly the same as Dwarves, but becoming venerable at 400 years. The thousands of years they spent living in this structure gave them the ability to rage naturally. Though most Trivencini become Barbarians, there are those that become rangers and/or Druids. They are very close to nature, most of the tribal decisions, based on the mood of Mother Nature.

Racial Traits

Trivencini Traits (Ex):

Trivencini benefit from a number of racial traits:

  • +4 strength, +4 constitution, +2 wisdom
  • Meduim Sized
  • rage 1/day––as barbarian.
  • can cast speak with animals at will and 3/day can also cast speak with plants
  • fast movement; Trivencini have base speed 40ft
  • darkvision 90 feet
  • +4 bonus to all saving throws against poisons
  • Favored Class: Barbarian
  • LA +4

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