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This religion uses the Expanded Religions (DnD Variant Rule) variant. Within the framework of that variant, it is a spiritist religion. As such, its adherents become part of the group of revered spirits after their deaths.

Totemists believe that all naturally occurring phenomena have spirits, thus there is a spirit for the sky and sun and a particular spirit for each river and mountain. The boundaries between them are somewhat ephemeral. All of these spirits are deemed worthy of reverence, but they are not believed to be universally good or beneficial. For example, the spirit of a volcano will likely be viewed as temperamental and dangerous.

Each tribe or, in larger nations, each family has one particular spirit which watches over that tribe or family. This spirit usually takes the form of an animal, and is referred to as the family's Totem. This Totem is aligned approximately how the family or tribe is aligned. As long as the family or tribe is together, they all gain some benefit depending on the chosen Totem. This benefit extends to guests who are not totemists but are for whatever reason with the tribe or family at the time.

Bear: +2 to Strength checks and grapple checks.
Wolf: low-light vision to 30ft.
Wildcat: +2 to move silently and balance checks.
Snake: +2 to disguise and bluff.
Eagle: +10ft base speed.
Dragon: Resistance 5 (resistance type based on color of dragon).
Coatl: +2 to spellcraft and concentration.

Naturally others could be added at the DM's discretion. In addition to their Totem, a totemist character has a personal spirit animal. This animals tends to be smaller than the totem animals, with turtles, frogs, and smaller mammals being common, but this is not necessarily so. This spirit animal works like a familiar that no one else can see or hear (or otherwise affect) and which confers no benefit other than being able to speak with the character it is tied to. If the character ever discloses the type of animal it has as its spirit animal, then the spirit animal leaves it forever, even if the disclosure was forced or unintentional. There is no penalty for losing one's spirit animal.

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