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The very stream of time flows within the veins of a timeborne, enabling it to effect time itself in a minor way.


It's been said that time is relative. For the timeborne, however, time is a relative.

In the dimensions unreachable by even the most powerful arcanists, a great river flows, forwarding the existence of everything. The God's themselves have difficulty changing this flow, for the result of tampering with the timestream disrupts many things. Because of various influences within the stream, however, anomaly have begun to appear throughout the planes, but in particular, the material plane. Creatures of intelligence have developed an awareness that this stream exists and time has become something more than just a measurement of moment to moment.

With the emergence of psionic powers, many scholars and surveyors of higher realms have deemed the phenomenon to be a rare power available only to psionic creatures. There are limited few who truly know the secret of the timestream and they are in accordance to keeping it that way.

Creating a Timeborne[edit]

Timeborne is an inherited template and can be added to mostly any humanoid creature originating from the material plane.

Size and Type[edit]

Base creature's type changes to Outsider (Native). Do not recalculate base attack bonus, base save bonuses or skill points.

Hit Dice[edit]

Same as base creature.


Same as base creature.

Armor Class[edit]

Same as base creature.

Special Attacks[edit]

Temporal Distortion (Sp): The streams of time are rapid and ever-flowing, the possibilities of an outcome endless. A timeborne is born with this knowledge and may use it to their advantage. Once per day, as a full round action, a timeborne converges the time streams together, colliding and warping the area around the timeborne. The timeborne flickers in and out of existence, their very appearance rapidly shifting; armor, weapons, scars, and expressions all blink in and out of sight. The timeborne is seen by the target as though effected by the displacement spell, unless noted here. A true seeing spell does not see the timeborne's location because it truly does not have an actual location. Temporal distortion lasts until dismissed or if the timeborne is physically interacted with (i.e. takes damage, deals damage, etc.).

Futuresight (Su): At will (see below), the timeborne may step back through time, reviewing everything that happened in the last few moments. To everyone and everything around the Timeborne, nothing has taken place. To the timeborne, however, they've seen a glimpse of the future, having lived it for a brief moment. A will and fortitude save (DC 10) determines success.

-In a combat situation, the timeborne knows what may happen next, granting them an anticipation bonus to attack rolls and saving throws equal to 1/4 of their current HD for 1/2 of their HD in rounds.
-In a non-combat situation, the timeborne has witnessed the reactions of individuals and has seen any surprises that might occur, gaining a circumstance bonus to bluff, diplomacy, intimidate, listen, search, sense motive, and spot checks equal to 1/2 the timeborne's HD for minutes equal to 1/2 the timeborne's HD.

Traversing through the stream of time is not without its downsides. Everything that flows has a current and moving against that current exhausts the traveler. Each time a timeborne uses their futuresight, the DC raises +5 and remains so until a period of 24 hour rest. If the will save fails, the timeborne catches up to its future self, gaining no knowledge of what may transpire. The timeborne cannot use futuresight again for 1d4 hours. If the fortitude save fails, the timeborne's future self returns to the present but is considered dazed. The timeborne then cannot use futuresight again for one day. If the misfortune of both saves fail, the timeborne is stunned for 1d6 rounds(if in combat)/minutes(if out of combat) and cannot use futuresight again for one week.

Special Qualities[edit]

Darkvision (Ex): A timeborne creature gains darkvision out to 60 ft.


Timeborne creatures gain +2 to Wisdom. Timeborne creatures are more aware than creatures of their type.


Same as base creature.


Timeborne is a very elusive phenomenon that may occur to any creature on their native plane, but particularly the material plane.


If timeborne happen to meet, they often share a bond that lasts forever, regardless of racial prejudice or class difference. They often discuss with each other their experiences they've had with their mutual gift.




Same as base creature.

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