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The following timeline is given in the standard calender of southern Herregor. The current year is 1008 CT. "CT" which stands for chrous temah (an Auld Doorish phrase for since the founding), but is often called "counting time". Year 0 was the point when the Valorian College was founded and it's scholars began compiling what little they could find of the history of the world following the Elfwar.

  • -10,000 to -1,000(?) CT, The Elf Wars & the Dark Times: No one (not even the scholars of the Valorian College) knows for sure the exact time of the Elfwars. Speculation places it between two and twelve thousand years from the present time. The period following it was a dark age of death, famine, and further warfare between mankind, the creatures left behind by the faerie lords, and the new creatures inhabiting the world.
  • 0 CT, Year Zero: The Valorian College is founded by a circle of wizards with the charter of preserving historic knowledge and providing structured learning to those gifted with inborn magical talent. A small village named Brokeshire grows up around the college serving the scholars.
  • 373 CT, The Dwarven Kingdom: To settle ongoing territory disputes among the dwarven clans, the heads of the Five Great Clans come together in Norbotten and pledge to support one of their number as king of the dwarves. After five months of deliberation Surden Bladebiter is crowned king, and the other four his council. The kingdom of Bottengard is born and begins carving out its place in the mountains.
  • 598 CT, Herrod is Born: The man who will lay the groundwork for the Kingdom of Arad is born to a poor family in the tiny settlement of Pem on the coast of the Dawson's Bay.
  • 599 to 615 CT, The Bandit Kigdoms: During this period the human lands are carved up by a couple of influential bandits and warlords. They make things generally miserable for the tribes and villages in the area. Herrod of Pem is among their number, but is perhaps a bit more honorable than most.
  • 616 to 633 CT, The Rise of Herrod: Herrod begins to build momentum as a local leader and many of the larger villages throw their weight behind him, he gradually shifts from bandit to warlord to Lord of the land as he puts down or subsumes the other bandit leaders. Eventually the local populace of the area elevate him as a chosen leader.
  • 653 CT, Birth of a Nation: Herrod II rechristens Brokeshire as "Pembroke" in honor of his father.
  • 658 CT, The Kingdom of Arad: Herrod II is crowned King of Arad, first king of the new nation.
  • 796 CT, War!: Due to a bad year for crops and a shortage of wheat, trade breaks down between Arad and Bottengard. Old tempers flair and there is war.
  • 818 CT, a Shaky Peace: A tentative peace is reached between Bottengard and Arad, but the borders of the two kingdoms are slightly redrawn.
  • 998 CT, Rise of the Dragon: More and more those in power realize that many of their favored dragonborn mercenaries are refusing to renew their contracts. Later this year it is learned that the scaled people are congregating in the badlands east of Bottengard and Arad beneath a charismatic leader of their own kind and an ancient dragon figurehead. Though small in number, the dragonborn are almost universally battle hardened warriors, that compounded with the presence of the Dragon and the inhospitable nature of their chosen lands insure that they're tiny settlement is rapidly recognized as a fledgling nation of their own. The dwarves begin making diplomatic overtures.
  • 1002 CT, Turathian Envoys: A large diplomatic envoy of the strange and somewhat unsettling Tieflings arrive in Pembroke to broker peace and trade with their home from across the seas. Though few trust the horned folk, the King of Arad recognizes the need for potential allies if the slowly building conflict with Bottengard were to spill over.
  • 1002 CT, The Massacre of Gordenshire: The mercenary leader known as Brasstalon, then working for the Kingdom of Bottengard, lead her men into the human village of Gordenshire during the brief Aradian Border Dispute began at the end of the previous year. At her order the company looted the village, burned its buildings, and put every man, woman, and child to the sword. This ended the dispute but lead to Bottengard washing its hands of her, Arad declaring her and enemy of the crown, and the Allied Mercenary's Accord to name her anathema.
  • 1008 CT, The Present Day: Bottengard and Arad are poised at the brink of war once more.

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