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The Creed is an assassin organization that developed around the arid southern regions of the world around the year 500. The Creed's agenda is to create world peace by assassinating Corrupt and evil people who's personal escapade is to gain wealth, power, or any other such want of the flesh through the people they live amongst or over. The history of the creed's members, base locations, and other such vital information have either been lost to history or have never been recorded. the creed itself is identified by its white robes or this emblem. The Creed, as in the vows an assassin takes and abides by, is as follows; 1: Stay your blade from the blood of an innocent, 2: Remain hidden and anonymous when tracking down and killing your target, and 3: Never compromise the brotherhood. There have been many accounts of individuals, even higher ranked members becoming arrogant and starting to have a blatant disregard for the rules. Most occasions where such things have happened tend to cause the hashshashin to fall out of or be killed by the brotherhood. There are many enemies to The Creed, but none greater than the Knight's Templar(or the Templar for short), a religious sect of warriors from the Northeast, who would have world peace in a manner most vile.

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