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Telekinetic Blast (Int)[edit]

You can attack with a blast of telekinetic force.

Requirements: Psychokinesis feat

Check: Make a ranged touch attack against a target in your line of sight. If the attack is successful, your Telekinetic Blast rank sets the impact damage dealt: 1d6 plus an additional 1d6 per 5 skill ranks. You can score a critical hit with your Telekinetic Blast on a natural roll of 20, with a ×2 critical multiplier. A Telekinetic Blast is a force effect. The target must also make a Reflex saving throw against your skill DC or fly back 5 feet and be knocked prone. You can choose to do nonlethal damage with your Telekinetic Blast, but you suffer a –4 penalty on your attack roll.

Time: Telekinetic Blast is a standard action.

Strain: 2.

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