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I think this has a bit of a power balance problem.

First, at-will Fly speed of 8 is extraordinarily good at first level. There's no way a DM would be able to restrain that. It's simultaneously the fastest race, and has unrestricted movement vertically.

Second, the blast power doesn't actually have effects listed, but given how powerful the first ability is, I'm not sure that's actually a bad thing.

Furthermore, Supernal is not a legal language for PCs at first level. And the fact that you can take a bunch of human feats seems really good too. All in all, I don't think this is a playable race compared to the official ones and the attempts on this wiki to create custom races that are power-balance appropriate. - User:Indigo

Regarding Supernal, it's not a legal language for PCs to choose to take at first level. It's perfectly legal for a race or background to grant it.
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