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In my opinion Law is order chaos is disorder. A lawful charcter wants that decitions are precribed by laws. A chaotic charcter wants that everbody makes his own decitions.

What you get from law is security and organisation. What you get from chaos is flexibility and freedom. Neither is intrinsicly good or bad...

If you think that this way chaos is incompent No it does not has to be

The believe that economy should be controlled by laws Is lawful And the free marked is chaotic.. And still in many situation the free marked is more efficient...

But Someone may want that somethings are forbitten and controlled by laws And otherthing not. So one may want chaos in some parts ob society and order in other.

So my definition work quite well as a general guidline. In detail it does NOT work.

So in general it makes sense for an barbarian to be chaotic. Because he grow up with only very few laws. And will not want obey all the strange rules they have in civilisation without being given an good reason...

But If he decided that a single law makes sense or it is just less trouble to follow it... This do not make him lawful... And even if he changes his opinion and think that laws are a great idea and you should have much more of them that may make him lawful but it should not cost him his abilities...

So aligment restrictions as strict rules make sense for clerics or other people where the powerbase of your class is a beeing with own will and may be unhappy with your change of mind.

In other cases I would suggest everybody to be chaotic enough to take them as suggestions and ignore them if they do not make sense.

If your PC implies membership in an organisation that is very evil, then one would assume you should be evil yourself to get it. But if you want to infiltrate the organisation to destroy it. You may end up with beeing the only living beeing with levels in this PC and still good.

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