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I am using a lot of natural creatures. Catfolk have loosely associated strongholds throughout the wild forests, and are widely considered to be very protective of their territories. There are myconids, spectral panthers (who are in alliance with the Catfolk), bears (near caves and rocky coasts) timber wolves, dire wolves, giant insects, giant birds, giant carnivorous plants, and a practically endless amount of other natural creatures. The "cast" of creatures (both good, evil, and unaligned) are practically endless, and the setting allows for nearly infinite creative expansions of characters and creatures. All of the creatures in the Falls serve a purpose in my storyline, and many revolve around a cumulative series of encounters, each independent adventures, which collectively compose a rich and intertwined dialogue directly and causally linked to the over-arching theme of the Falls itself. Currently, my players are in an encounter I've entitled "The Bone Rot Swamp of the Lich King", in a module called "Cold Dead Water and the City of Fog".

Non-natural creatures would include roving bands of orcs (which fit in with the storyline I previously mentioned), ancient demons capable of possessing nearly all living creatures, ghouls, zombies, and banshees. I will eventually upload a hand-drawn map detailing the layout of the important features, such as towns, bodies of water, forests, and the Monument Mountains.

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