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Talk:Special Abilities (Evaluation SRD)

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Changes From the Original SRD[edit]


  • Overview header
  • Special Abilities Descriptions header



  • Natural Abilities section (from Magic Overview)
  • "See the table below for a summary of the types of special abilities." (from Abilities and Conditions)
  • Special Ability Types table (from Abilities and Conditions)

Special Abilities Descriptions

Added (from Abilities and Conditions):

  • Antimagic section
  • Charm and Compulsion section
  • Cold Immunity section
  • Darkvision section
  • Death Attacks section
  • Disease section
  • Level Loss section
  • Etherealness section
  • Evasion and Improved Evasion section
  • Polymorph section


  • Extraordinary, Spell-like, and Supernatural sections to Overview


  • Blindsight and Blindsense sections
  • Energy Drain and Level Loss sections
  • Fear and Frightful Presence sections
  • Spell Resistance and Spell Immunity sections
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