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I was wondering, the feat progression stops at improved two weapon fighting. If you are taking four levels just to minimize two weapon fighting penalties then this is probably a pretty big feature of the build. Therefore why not take greater two weapon fighting? If you can't fit it anywhere, replace something with it.

With that kind of a critical range and damage boost, its definitely worth the extra attack and may be able to minimize the number of side levels needed to be taken just to get no dual wielding negative (I'm not sure because I seem to have misplaced my PhB) .--Vrail 05:04, 6 April 2010 (UTC)

The reason the progression stops at improved two weapon fighting is because it fulfills the prerequisites for the Tempest class. The tempes class helps to get the attack penalties to +0/+0. but this reduction only counts towards the first attacks in the round. any additional off hand attacks granted by improved two weapon fighting and greater two weapon fighting will still occur (albeit lessend). These feats grant extra off hand attacks but do nothing towards reducing penalties. In looking at epic progression with this build I took Greater two weapon fighting to gain perfect two weapon fighting which will allow for multiple off hand attacks with no penalties.

If you really want that extra attack from greater two weapon fighting before hitting epic, you could drop one of the power criticals .--Skellum 01:58, 6 April 2010

I would venture that 1. any extra attacks in a crit build contribute more than any other single factor, and 2. taking 4 levels for a -2 reduction in penalty when those levels could be placed in Dervish for the +1 hit damage per level from scimitar is ill-thought out. Just my opinion, though. --Ganre 14:03, 4 November 2011 (MDT)

I happen to agree that focusing into dervish is a better choice, they get increased movement speed, the ability to move AND full attack in the same turn and a scaling Attack and damage bonus up to +5 +5 if you max level it. As well with the full two weapon fighting progression you can get 14 attacks in a round(16 with perfect two weapon in epic levels) once per day that benefit from great cleave even if you don't have the feat (at dervish 10).

I have not been able to find that so called "Tempered Steel" anywhere --Me neither, have been searching everywhere for it. If it's an actual thing can we get a description of it maybe?

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