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I'd love some help with this guy here. I've tested him a few times against my players and he seems to do well (the first time was during the campaing, when he surprised them and it was a very hard fight, even though they were in 4... but 2 of them falled in the first two rounds of sneak attacks ;D) but I feel there's a LOT of room to improvement. Thanks in advance --ElfsMaster 19:13, 28 January 2008 (MST)

You may want to make note of the Stances and Manuevers known by the Swordsage levels, keeping in mind that the first Stance that a Swordsage takes has to be a level 1 stance. I expect it's taken that the two stances are Child of the Shadows or Islands of Blades and Assassin's Stance (as you mentioned it and due to its sneak attack damage). (Ignore that) Also, you've missed out the masterwork prices of the actual shield and dagger, which would increase the buckler to about 25165 and the dagger to 200,310. Nothing too big. I was going to mention that a chainshirt is cheaper than Bracers of Armor, but I expect it's because of the Maximum Dexterity. Now, the biggest problem stems from the use of a Buckler. Using the buckler strapped to your arm is actually negating your AC Bonus from Swordsage. So, you're either going to get the +6 from the +5 Buckler or your +4 from Wisdom. --TK-Squared 07:29, 20 March 2008 (MDT)

How can you have a +11 ench. bonus weapon (4 + 2 Deadly Strike + 1 Keen + 4 Briliant Energy)

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