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Experiment 2 of 3[edit]

This is part of a series of experimental race builds. This one tests making a SLA focused LA 0 race (I took gnome, tried to cut what I could, and added a large power). The racial ability is more or less a dumbed down version of the spellthief class ability. I worry this may be too strong, maybe. Commentary welcome. Also see Sheikels and Rheryus -- Eiji 20:07, 4 June 2008 (MDT)


It's a really interesting ability with some interesting applications regarding Prestige Classes. If you can get someone to cast a 9th level spell into you for instance, you could qualify for Prestige Classes requiring "9th level [arcane/divine based on the spell cast into you] spells." I'm not sure how much you would actually benefit from *any* such class without actually being able to cast more than one spell (and you would lose your prestige class features by casting that 1 spell anyway), but it's certainly something that makes the race stand out. --Nox_Noctis

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