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DM's Note[edit]

Drow Tempered items give several fun opportunities you can employ as a DM. You can give the group a powerful item that they will only be able to use at night. You can send NPCs with full magic items without inflating treasure too much. You can also just use it as a "cursed item" sort of deal, where the players groan at you for taking away that +5 longsword you gave them at 8th level. The lesser drow tempering can be applied easily to any item for 200 gp, so you can even so it to a rare gem they might find. It is a good mechanic, just don't over use it! --Aarnott 16:23, 5 May 2008 (MDT)

Item Cost[edit]

  • darkness (2nd level spell)2*3*1800(command word)=10800*2(additional property)21600/5(1 use per day)=4320
    • 4320
  • faerie fire (1st level spell)1*3*1800=4600*2=5200/5=2600
    • 2600
  • dancing lights(0-level spell).5*3*1800=2700/5
    • 540
  • 7460/2(for the disintegrating limitation)
    • 3730 final price

I did this using the craft table in the back of the DMG, i think it might be a bit too cheap. However, if this is a magic weapon, doesn't it need a +1 modifier to be applied in the first place? --Ganre 16:45, 5 May 2008 (MDT)

Cast as a 1st level caster since it is employed as a spell-like ability. It is also an ability that can be applied to any item. Cost breakdown:
  • darkness (2nd level spell, 1st CL) 2*1*2000(use activated)=4000/5(1 use per day)=800
    • 800
  • faerie fire (1st level spell)1*1*2000 x 3/4 (second similar property) /5 = 300
    • 1100
  • dancing lights(0-level spell) .5*1*2000 x 1/2 (third similar property) /5 = 100
    • 1200
--Aarnott 16:52, 5 May 2008 (MDT)
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