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A few things[edit]

So, I only just glanced at the class, but I'm thinking power might be an issue. You're giving all good saves, tons of AC bonuses, and bonus speed. Also, I'm not sure, but I assume you want the bonuses from Ginja to stack with the "AC bonus" advancement. Also, the +10/+20/+30 on skill checks is ridiculous. A 7th level character (with a high dex and max ranks in tumble) is looking at a 23 minimum (3(dex) + 10(skill) + 10(bonus) + X (items and racial mods and whatnot)). That's crazy high. At 19th, that same character is going to get 30+22+dex+items, which is just crazy strong when you also realize he can choose to take ten on his roll, even when rushed or distracted. Also, personally, I would add two more columns on the main table for AC Bonus and Speed Bonus, so it clears up your special column a little. --Badger 13:07, 16 September 2010 (MDT)

Balance Issues[edit]

Hope I'm doing this right. The skill bonuses are way high. I also have some questions about some of the special abilities. With Ginga, would you be able to keep it up every round in combat regardless of what you do? Personally, since its such a specialized movement, I think it should be a Move Action, not a Free Action, though with the ability use it as a Free Action if you use a Full Attack Action or maybe even any Full Round Action where you aren't moving (such as a Charge), representing an ability to slip into Ginga immediately after an attack, but not when you end your turn after running. At the very least it needs a tweak, cause as it is now, it gives too much AC.

Personally, I also think the actual ranks could be a bit more interesting. Getting bonuses to other things when you reach the ranks is nice, but it just feels kind of eh when compared with the special abilities of the Monk (Empty Body, Diamond Soul, and Wholeness of Body come to mind). Other than that, seems pretty cool. --Adran 20:35, 24 August 2011 (MDT)

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