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Sword of Mercy[edit]

The Sword of Mercy is an artifact in the Twelve Swords campaign setting.

This sword (like the other eleven) has a generic metallic colored blade and a black hilt. There is a small white symbol (See Symbol below) etched in on side of the black hilt. The sword is unbreakable, and it will retain an extremely keen edge no matter what it cuts or is struck against, and always gleams with a faint white tinge.

Symbol: open hand

This sword acts as a +5 Longsword as well as has the below ability.

The Sword of Mercy cannot harm any living creature. If attacked with the sword, the target will cure the amount of damage that would normally be taken. The target would also be affected as if heal, regenerate, and true resurrection (The sword can ressurect dead creatures) had been cast upon them.

If used against undead, they must save versus Death (Will DC 30), or be destroyed. If the save is successful, the target takes normal damage. Undead without corporal bodies can be hit.

The sword deals normal damage against any other nonliving target.

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