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Starmetal is unique among materials. A small amount of starmetal is mixed into the liquefied metal that a weapon will be crafted from, giving it an enhancement bonus. This is similar to the enhancement bonis granted by magic or psionics including some of the rarer enchantment equivalents qualities, but it is still active in both Anti-magic Fields and Null Psionics Fields as it is not a magic material. The enhancement bonus also grants the metal +2 Hardness and +10 hit points per point of enhancement bonus.

A starmetal weapon can be additionally enchanted with a magic or psionic bonus at the same cost as adding that bonus to a weapon normally. However, only the highest of these enhancement bonuses applies to the weapon. A starmetal weapon may also be given magical or psionic special abilities, with or without adding such a bonus. However, these stack with the highest enhancement bonus on the starmetal weapon to determine its price.

Any item made of metal could potentially be made with starmetal.

Table: Starmetal Weapons[edit]

Weapon Bonus Price Increase1
+1 +2,500 gp
+2 +10,000 gp
+3 +22,500 gp
+4 +40,000 gp
+5 +62,500 gp
Epic starmetal weapons +bonus * bonus * 25,000 GP2
  1. This price is for 50 arrows, crossbow bolts, or sling bullets.
  2. This is incorporating the x10 multiplier on Epic Weapon costs.

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