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Standstill Shield
Price: 91,280 gp
Body Slot: — (Held)
Caster Level: 25th
Aura: none
Weight: 95 lb.

This old, adamantine plate looks like a broken-off hatch or an ancient door from some unknown civilization.

This +8 adamantine tower shield, sized for a medium creature, has an underlying force effect, thus its AC still applies against incorporeal touch attacks. This shield also absorbs the effects of spells, allowing the user to gain cover against targeted spells when used as cover. If the bearer of this shield has not moved in a round, they gain an additional +5 to AC until they move or are forced from their position. This AC bonus from not moving stacks with AC granted when fighting defensively or taking a total defense action, as well as with the effects of the feat Combat Expertise. Unfortunately, this shield has a -15 armor check penalty, and a -6 penalty on attack rolls due to the shield's extreme weight and encumbrance.

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