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There are those who have had dreams that they never fully woke up from.

Any creature capable of dreaming can use this template

Creating a Soultorn[edit]

Soultorn are created when someone has a vivid nightmare (caused by an evil deity seeking pleasure in tormenting mortals) and then suddenly wakes up. What happens is that the person still feels like they're in the nightmare while being awake. At any point during the day, a soultorn might see someone or something from their nightmare, reducing them to a crude sense of reality unto which they resemble undead. Soultorn never sleep, as their semi-dreamlike state suffices as sleep for them. Soultorn are great soldiers, as they do not feel pain and are often found in large armies.

While having a nightmare, one might wake up, but not fully escape it, henceforth being half in the dream and half out. It is an aquired template.

Size and Type[edit]

Soultorn can't talk effectively and therefore can't make use of skills that require talking. Soultorn cannot be wizards as they lack the concentration required to cast spells.

Hit Dice[edit]

Soultorn do not feel pain, and as such only attacks in fatal spots can hurt them. But if the Soultorn's base health x2 is dealt then a Soultorn will still die of blood loss.


Soultorn only are encumbered by half the actual weight they're carrying, as only half of their body feels burdened from the load. However, when at the base character's max weight capacity a soultorn will still collapse, and wonder why.

Armor Class[edit]

No changes


Soultorn get -2 on all attack rolls while using a two handed weapon

Full Attack[edit]

No change

Special Attacks[edit]

Soultorn can speak telepathically, but cannot recieve telepathic messages. When Soultorn kill good clerics or paladins, they gain an amount of temorary hit points equal to the cleric of paladin's number of hit dice, as the evil deity that condemned them to their current state feeds on the soul of the enemy the soultorn has killed, and is happy to reward the soultorn with more energy.

Special Qualities[edit]

Soultorn are not fertile, and cannot show emotion besides sadness, so they cannot love, hate, or envy.


str +2, dex -2, char -4, con +4,


-3 on charisma and dexterity based skill checks (with the exception of intimidation, to which they get +2)


Same goes for magical feats here, the answer is no.


Soultorn typically commit suicide, so their population is very low. There is one soultorn city: Gravewrout, which has a population of 1500. Soultorn age 3x slower than their base creature, allowing for the semi-permanent settlement Gravewrought is. Most soultorn join armies, as their pay is substantially better than that of normal soldiers. They tend to live in small groups around areas with large sulfur deposits, as sulfur has an oddly soothing affect on their skin. Gravewrought itself is built in the lowlands near the dormant volcano of Klit Tannoth.

Challenge Rating[edit]



Same as base creature


Cannot be lawful or neutral good, and can only be chaotic good if they were previously lawful good.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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