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The holy symbol of Soriel


Soriel, also called The Bard, was the firstborn of the fey. He wrote the first song ever heard on Aegir, and with it he calmed the beasts of the forest and befriended them for his Lord. When the continent was sundered and Sorastraz began, he left the mortal realm to join his father in battle. Bards everywhere worship him as a patron deity, and he is also often worshiped by sorcerers and warlocks.

Soriel is depicted as a dashing eladrin, with long flowing white hair, a rapier at his side and a lute in his hands.


Without music life would be a mistake

Soriel is a lover of music and natural magic, and wishes only for his followers to find their own joy in music and magic. He entreats his followers to spread their music around the world, to bring joy to others.

Typical Followers[edit]

Soriel is the patron of bards, sorcerers, and warlocks from all walks of life. He is particularly beloved by the fey, since he was the first of their kind, but music lovers of all races worship him.

Clergy, Temples, and Religious Practices[edit]

Worshipers of Soriel do not have temples, though they occasionally build shrines dedicated to him in performance houses or wealthy musicians' homes.

Soriel has very few dedicated clergy - though some might call themselves his priests, they are mostly particularly religious bards. Their sermons are performances of his music.

Worship of Soriel is simply done through music. For his followers, music is divine, and experiencing or creating it brings them closer to him.

Note on real world origin: Soriel closely resembles Taliesin, a bardic figure of Celtic folklore.

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