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The Shinobi Shozoku is a type of dark-coloured keikogi clothing, purportedly worn by practitioners of the Japanese martial art of ninjutsu.

It is made up of split-toed tabi boots ("jika-tabi") and socks; special trousers with double-ties which fasten at the ankles, knees and waist; a jacket with overlapping lapels which is tucked into the trousers; protective arm-and-hand sleeves; and either a scarf that serves as a mask and hood, or a separate hood and mask. An obi belt to indicate the wearer's level of kyu or dan grade may also be worn. The outfit is made of strong, dark-colored fabric, usually black cotton, fitted loosely to allow freedom of movement. The jacket usually contains an interior shuriken pocket.

This item costs 5 Gold and Weighs 2 lbs.

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