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Shardsouls have a soul that's been split into fragments. Those fragments are typically placed into equipment, boosting it in an effect similar to that of unseen servant.

A shardsoul has broken their soul into hundreds of small shards of crystal, usually stored in a sack around their neck. These shards can be embedded into armor, weapons, or even equipment to enhance their effects. It is not uncommon for a shardsoul to give their friends bits of their soul to hang on to, as they store a portion of their HP in each stone.

Creating a Shardsoul[edit]

Becoming a shardsoul is a lengthy process that requires the purchase of a number of marbles equal to the shardsoul's HP, as well as 500 GP of spell components and a small leather pouch. It takes three days to inscribe the runes necessary into the shardsoul's shoulders and hands with a knife, while catching every drop of blood in the leather pouch. The marbles are then added to the bag, and a short incantation is recited over it; the shardsoul does not need magical abilities to attempt this process. As soon as the incantation is finished, the marbles take on a gentle glow, the color of which is based off of the alignment of the shardsoul. The marbles will glow white for Good, black for Evil, yellow for Neutral, blue for Lawful, and red for Chaotic. Other alignments are the logical combination of these colors.

Size and Type[edit]

Shardsouls have a slightly higher tolerance to huge amounts of damage, and are immune to critical damage unless every single shard is targeted at once. A shardsoul can only die if every shard has been damaged.

The physical body of a shardsoul cannot die unless it is destroyed, dismembered, or the internal organs are removed. Shardsouls take damage as normal, and loose consciousness upon reaching zero hit points. However, they do not die if damage exceeds -10 hit points. Instead, any non-embedded shards in the shardsoul's possession begin to take damage. For each hit point lost beyond -10, one shard is destroyed. The shards must be replaced and stored in the shardsoul's pouch within 24 hours to re-imbue them with power before any hit point damage can be successfully healed. If a shardshoul's HP is not reduced to -10, they can be healed by conventional means.

Hit Dice[edit]

Same as the base creature.


Shardsoul's speed remains unaffected. However, they gain the ability to have equipment imbued with their shards float at the soulshard's speed as though they were holding it, or wearing it. Each item must have at least one shard in it (Eg: A pair of gloves requires two shards. A belt or suit of full-plate armor requires one.)

Armor Class[edit]

Armor class does not change, but armor bearing a shard of their soul is no longer limited by its maximum dexterity bonus, and behaves as though the shardsoul possesses the trait Armor-born.


The base creature gains the ability to use any weapon bearing a shard of their soul, as though it was in their hand. They must be proficient to utilize it, but, it may move as though the unseen servant spell was bound to the weapon. Natural weapons cannot be removed.

Full Attack[edit]

The shardsoul is capable of attacking with all weapons which it has placed a shard into simultaneously. Using these, it may flank an enemy by itself and make use of the bonuses granted. They must attack all at once, and cannot make a full attack again for one hour.

Special Attacks[edit]

The shardsoul loses its ability to cast any natural spell-like abilities that it had before the transformation, however, casters are still able to cast as normal using any pieces of equipment bearing a shard as per the Familiar abilities.

Special Qualities[edit]

The shardsoul gains the ability to place a fragment of its soul into an object, and infuse it with a portion of their soul. This makes it difficult to kill them without destroying each and every shard of their soul.


Shardsouls take a +2 ability score increase to the primary ability of their original class, and a −2 modifier to their will saves.


No racial skill modifiers


No additional feats.


Shardsouls are usually found around combat classes such as fighters and rangers to take advantage of their ability to wield numerous weapons simultaneously. It can also be found among the most studious of casters, allowing them to wield and cast multiple spells in a single round.


If two or more shardsouls are ever found together, they tend to share information by trading a shard. A large group of shardsouls can be nearly impossible to kill, as it would require locating each and every one of their exchanged shards. There are very few large groups of shardsouls as they tend to collect individual shards, which absorb the knowledge of the original host and make for an incredible long-range communication system.

Challenge Rating[edit]

The shardsoul template acts as a free level, making simple creatures effectively one level higher, and costing player characters a level.


A shardsoul can be found carrying around hundreds of glass marbles and assorted bits of whatever adventurer failed to kill them last. They can use those bits as natural weapons.


Alignment remains unchanged, however, it becomes obvious to anyone that sees one of the shardsoul's shards which alignment they are.


Shardsouls do not gain any skill increases, or any other benefits of leveling up beyond the given modifications of the template.

Level Adjustment[edit]

Adds 1 empty level to the total character level.

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