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Shalamin Zyrephon[edit]

The symbol of Shalamin is a black and gold six pointed star

Domains: Storm, War
Warpriest Domain: Storm

Shalamin Zyrephon is named Son of Tarvo, Lightning Protector, Storm Bringer, Shalamin the Great, and Shalamin the Slayer. He controls thunderstorms and lightning. Shalamin's magic abilities, breath weapons, twin thunder hammers, and lightning spear are spoils of coming closer to his father. He is the chief of the Azrumenak. Shalamin's worshipers are mainly dragonkin but also anyone who has personally met Shalamin. Anyone who combats demons on a regular basis is considered his ally. Shalamin Zyrephon also considers every draconic creature an ally until the creature shows that it cannot be trusted.

He has propagates acid and storms, especially lightning and thunder. He has no temples devoted to himself, but in almost every temple of Tarvo there is a shrine or an alter set up to Shalamin. This alter or shrine should have a bowl in front of it filled with the blood of an enemy or dangerous large game. Once a year, during Rollotel, Shalamin expects his followers to collect the blood of a fallen enemy and place it into a large bowl and wash the hands of all of the children under the age of twelve in the blood. If this condition is met by all families in a tribe, Shalamin will give the people a storm which shows that Shalamin is protecting the tribe.

  • Obey my fathers commands.
  • Bow before me or die


Shalamin was born to the daughter of the most powerful chief of the most powerful dragonkin tribe, the Azrumenak. No one new who the father to this strange dragonkin child was. Shalamin was a black dragonkin born into a blue dragonkin tribe. Immediately, rumors of the chief's daughter selling herself to other tribes surfaced but the chief quickly put an end to that.

Shalamin started to grow and everyone in the tribe soon realized that he was different from the rest of the dragonkin. Shalamin had a more draconic look to him than the other dragonkin. His horns, claws and wings were larger than average. Also, while most dragonkin start combat training at the age of seven, Shalamin started at the age of five. At five he was already bigger, more talented, and had keener senses, especially dark vision, than the other seven to ten year old dragonkin youth. He also had a knack for finding magical or otherwise valuable items. At first, the tribe was not sure what to think of this excelled dragonkin of another color, but after a while, they began to accept him.

By the time he was eleven years old he was beating full grown dragonkin in feats of wrestling, great strength, speed, and combat skill. He not only joined the hunting parties but was a key member in bringing down the wild dire elk and grizzly mastodon that populated the area.

Most dragonkin are about eight to nine feet tall at the age of twenty. By the age of sixteen Shalamin was already eleven feet tall and still growing. No one could even come close to beating him in any physical contest from wrestling to races to swordplay. He had been named leader of the hunt and next in line for cheifdom by his grandfather as Shalamin's mother never married. Shalamin started to go out to hunt deer and other smaller game by himself.

It was about this time when Tarvo rose to a diety level and was rising through the ranks. Shalamin's size and skill always allowed him to make sacrifices that greatly please Tarvo. Tarvo blessed him year after year by increasing his strength and his combat skills.


Shalamin was out on a small hunt with a party of fourteen to sixteen year old dragonkin, showing them the proper ways to hunt when he thought he smelled smoke. He thought nothing of it and continued the lesson. After the party bagged a dire elk, Shalamin thought it would be time to go back to the village to display the prize. As the party drew nearer to the village the smell of smoke increased and Shalamin picked up the pace. As he climbed over the last hill he let out a cry and sprinted off towards the village. While Shalamin was gone a horde of ghour demons led by a deathdrinker demon had attacked the tribe in search of anything that could be useful in raising an undead army, including recently dead dragonkin bodies. Shalamin went charging into the town only to realize almost everything was burned to the ground and no one was left in the tribe. Quickly, Shalamin flew to the place where he and his mother lived in hopes of finding his weapons and chasing down the demonic thieves. As he crashed through the door, he heard the sound of a muffled, cut-off scream. He went straight to his mothers room where he found an abishai demon holding his mother hostage and trying to possess her. He jumped across the room and killed the demon with what seemed like no effort. He reached down to his mother and tried to tell her that she would be okay. She brushed his hand aside and said," I do not have much time. Listen. You are half dragon." This did not surprise Shalamin as he had considered that this was the only realistic option for what caused him to be more advanced the other dragonkin.

"Your father isn't just any dragon. Tarvo is your father's name," she continued.

"The demon must have takin your mind with him. Tarvo is the God of the dragonkin. There is no way he is my father."

"If you do not believe me, you must ask him yourself. It was before he became a diety." she said as Shalamin shook his head. "Find out for yourself, be careful who you trust, and make your mother proud."

This was all she could say before she passed. Shalamin exploded out of the house in a fury, although not before grabbing his trusted warhammer. He quickly went back to the young dragonkin that were standing dumbfounded outside of the village. Shalamin told them to go to the nearest dragonkin tribe with the dire elk as a peace offering, tell the story of the tribe, and ask for refuge. They asked where Shalamin would be going and he replied by pointing to the Great Chapel built into the cliffside. As though that was his goodbye, Shalamin flew up to the Great Chapel and watched as the young hunting party flew toward the nearest blue dragonkin tribe.

Shalamin walked into the main sanctuary and fell down before the bronze shrine of Tarvo. He wept for his tribe and his family. After he had confessed his soul to the shrine, he made a vow, "I, Shalamin Zyrephon, Chief of the Azrumenak, hereby vow on my mother's name to hunt down the demon's that took everything from me." At this point Shalamin passed out for the overdieties that Tarvo had made the request to make his offspring dieties as well took action. They found Shalamin worthy of a god status. Shalamin lay passed out in front of the alter for a fortnight until the changes were complete. When he awoke, he knew what had happened and the truth about his father. The overdieties had also changed him physically. They increased his strength and combat abilites along with increased the sharpness of his teeth, claws and horns. The overdieties hardened his skales and lengthened his tail giving him a more draconic look.

After this incident, Shalamin went deep into the Great Chapel and found the monks called Tarics. After they saw him and heard his story they took him in. Shalamin spent the next twelve years studying and learning about his father. Throughout this time, he also learned that he now had the power to control thunderstorms and lightning. The closer he became to his father the stronger his magic ability and his breath weapons became.

The night after he went through the final test to become a Taric, Shalamin had a dream. In this dream he was in the presence of his father. Tarvo explained to him that he was not to spend his time hidden away in a cave studying things he already knew. Tarvo told Shalamin to go out into the world and spread the name of Tarvo and fufill his vow that he had made the day he entered the Great Chapel. When Shalamin awoke, there were two twin hammers lying against the wall with the handles the shape of lightning bolts. There was also a spear whose shaft was in the shape of a lightning bolt as well. As Shalamin picked these up, he understood the power held in these weapons. These weapons were the mighty thunder hammers and lightning spear of legends. At this point, Shalamin left the Great Chapel to fufill his destiny and his vow.

Cleric Training[edit]

There are not many clerics of Shalamin as every cleric of Tarvo, or Taric, technically worships Shalamin as well as Tarvo


Shalamin will often ask his faithful followers to exterminate an enemy of the dragonkin or bring him a magical or valuable artifact. Shalamin pays quite well for the services he asks of his faithful


Shalamin only hears the prayers of a warrior about to go into battle. If the warrior fights fairly and with Shalamin and Tarvo on his heart, Shalamin may reward the warrior with a sum of gold or a private combat lesson.

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