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A Shadowen is a being of pure dark magic given life. No one knows where these beings came from only that their one goal is to destroy everyone/thing. It usually assumes the form of the beast it is inhabiting but can take a beat-like form as a free-action.

Rumor has it that the elves themselves created these abominations in their attempts tp regain their control over magic, creating harmless servants out of the weave who, in turn attempted to create, but unknowingly brought about a parasitic race which feeds off of the magic of those it controls as well as the magic around them in order to strengthen themselves.

A Shadowen will prefer to possess a sorcerer, warlock, or any other who is naturally endowed with arcane power, if it can find one, quickly trying to subdue the target before leaving it's old host to possess the caster. Creating a Shadowen

Aquired Template:Any humanoid except Orcs,Goblins, and Gnomes. The shadowen have little patience for the brutish orcs or the weak gnomes and goblins. Most Shadowen take control of an elf,human,or drawf.

Size and Type[edit]

Takes on the Monstrous Humanoid Template.

Hit Dice[edit]

Remove all hitdice and change them to d12. Recalculate.


Same as base creature

Armor Class[edit]

Same as base creature +4 Natural Armor.


Same as base Creature but gains 2 claw attacks (1d8 damage,16-20/x3)

Full Attack[edit]

Meelee attack+2claw attacks or Ranged Attack.

Special Attacks[edit]

(In addition to the host's spells and spell like abilities)

Darkness 1/day

Inflict Moderate Woulnds 2/day

True Form

Special Qualities[edit]

(In addition to the host's spells and spell like abilities)

True Form-Takes on a somewhat animal like form. In this form BAB,All Saves And Caster level have +5.

Sense Magic- A Shadowen can detect anyone naturally endowed with arcane power (Sorcerer, Warlock, etc...) along with the power level that the creature in queastion has reached.

Detach- A Shadowen may remove itself from a host to attempt to take over another, this causes no damage to the host, save a lost memory of the time being posesed, unless the individual is a caster, in which case, the caster loses 1d6 levels in any arcane casting class.

Spell Resistance: 15


+2 to INT,WIS,and CHA Shadowen are incredibly magical creatures.


+2 all CHA based skills and +6 to Spellcraft,Knowledge(Aracana),Knowledge(Religion) and Use Magic Device. Shadowen are extremely believable and gain extreme magical properties.




As Base Creature

Challenge Rating[edit]

Im guessing +6 feel free to edit


Changes to Chaotic Evil


By Character Class

Level Adjustment[edit]

+2??? Again feel free to change

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