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In places where Evil has taken everything, darkness has corrupted much, and good slowly fads away, this is where pure darkness thrives, it finds strong targets and imbuing them with there powers, corrupting there skin and marking there mind.

The shadowblessed fur, skin, scales, or hide hold patches as black as night. there eyes acquire a black tint around there pupel. there more muscular and quite a bit more agile.

Creating a shadowblessed[edit]

This Template is acquired, and can be acquired by any creature. the base creature would fall into a deep sleep only to wake in an unfamiliar location outside of there; city, neighborhood, away from traveling party .ext with a pain coming from there body where a black tint has appeared on there body.

Size and Type[edit]

Same as base creature

Hit Dice[edit]

all Hit die are increased by 1 Die type forever, all hp is rerolled when this template is acquired. after acquiring this template a creature cannot have less health than what it started with.


Creatures base movement increases by 10Ft, this applies to all forms of movement.

Armor Class[edit]

+4 Natural Armor, +2 Deflection.


The creature retains the ability to use manufactured and natural weapons as well as the ability to perform a Shockwave of negative energy 1/day 1D6 + 1/4 HD Negative energy Damage.

Special Attacks[edit]

Shockwave of negative energy, See above.

Special Qualities[edit]

Creature gains 60Ft Darkvision (Does not gain light sensitivity), as well as Dark Sight 30Ft (Same as blindsight, but with Darkness) meaning that this creature can see through Natural and magical darkness.

Darkness 3/day

ShadowJump 100Ft.


Str +2 , Dex +6 , Con +2, Cha +2


+6 Hide, +6 Move Silently, +4 Search, +4 Spot, +4 Listen.


Blindfight, Run, Stealthy.


Any Evil. (place of origin must be primarily EVIL.)


open minded beings and people who respect raw power will often accept shadowblessed, although some see a shadowblessed creature as vile and dirty and will shun him for it.

Challenge Rating[edit]





ANY it the evil of the area that attacted the shadows but no the evil of the base creature


As Base Creature

Level Adjustment[edit]


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