Self-Imposed Memory Alteration (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Self-imposed Memory Alteration[edit]

In some cases, a character may wish to perform Psychic Surgery on himself, usually to conceal particular information or memories from a mind reader, or to enhance a disguise (allowing the character to really believe he is who he claims to be, for example). The Psychic Surgery check DC is 10 lower than usual since the character is performing the alterations on himself, and the character can take 10 on the check.

The character may set up a particular trigger to undo the alterations, restoring his mind to normal. This may be the passage of a particular amount of time or a particular stimulus, such as a code word or seeing a particular person. When the trigger is activated, the character makes another Psychic Surgery check against the original DC (requiring no time or strain). If it succeeds, the alteration is undone immediately. If it fails, the alteration remains for 24 hours. After that, the character may be exposed to the trigger again and attempt another Psychic Surgery check. On a natural roll of 1 on the check, the trigger fails entirely. The alterations are permanent unless another character uses Psychic Surgery to undo them.

Self-imposed alterations can also be undone normally using Psychic Surgery, but the DC for these outside efforts is not reduced, so it is more difficult for someone else to eliminate the self-imposed alterations.

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