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About the action of sundering projectile weapons, I find that the core rules are lacking a slight correction. For instance, I disagree with the two-handed weapon classification for longbows and shortbows. If we look at the weight of longbows and shortbows (2lb and 3lb respectively), we see that they are, in effect, LIGHT weapons. And although a warrior requires both hands to use it, they are not as sturdy as the pole of a polearm or greataxe. Furthermore, as for hardness and hps, the only reference made in PHB is the "crossbow" (PHB p.158) with 5 hardness (wood) and 5 hps. There is also no distinction between heavy or light crossbow; which seems another incorrection.

My interpretation and suggestion is to consider: 1- all projectile weapons one handed melee weapons (except hand crossbows, which are LIGHT weapons), 2- composite weapons should have hardness 7 instead of 5 (because they're made of several different materials bound together with a high strength rating); 3- Heavy crossbows should have 10 hps; longbows 7 hps; shortbows and light crossbows 5 hps; hand crossbows 2 hps.


That sounds worthy of a variant article. Can you write this up for the Variant Rules section?--Dmilewski 20:03, 28 January 2009 (MST)

Ok, done it. I can't seem to put it in the variant rules area, it's in the "not categorized", if you tell me how to put it there, I'll do it asap. Hope you like it.

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