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Not a matter of killer importance, but a matter's a matter, right?
Shocker Lizard familiar, it's type (Or subtype) appears to be 'electricity' which also links to the 'SED:Electricity' Article, forgive me if I'm wrong but..
First point, the other elements begin with a capital letter, why not 'electricity'?
Second point, there's no SRD on Electricity (Nor SED to Electricity). So the link is a mere waste.
Am I wrong? --SgtLion 12:51, 17 October 2009 (MDT)

Thats the way it is in the SRD. No, it makes no sense. --Dmilewski 19:05, 17 October 2009 (MDT)

Instead of Linking to Shocker Lizard, it links to Lizard.--Milo High-Hill 04:42, 24 July 2011 (MDT)

also homunculus is a construct --Name Violation 15:59, 24 July 2011 (MDT)

It says Construct because thats what it says in the DMG. But the Shocker Lizard link is simply linking to the wrong page.--Milo High-Hill 18:21, 24 July 2011 (MDT)
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