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Psychic: A psychic weapon’s power depends on its wielder. In the hands of a nonpsionic creature, the weapon possesses the qualities of a nonmagical, nonpsionic masterwork weapon. When wielded by a psionic creature, this weapon has an enhancement bonus based on the wielder’s current power point reserve, as shown on the following table. The weapon’s enhancement bonus decreases as the wielder spends power points, and it increases whenever the wielder gains enough power points (by any means) to put his power point reserve into the next higher category.

Power Point Reserve Enhancement Bonus
1–4 +1
5–29 +2
30–79 +3
80–129 +4
130 or higher +5

Strong clairsentience; ML 17th; Craft Psionic Arms and Armor, reality revision; Price +35,000.

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