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Rokudaki: Rokudaki is a +2 ghost touch greatclub with sixteen knurls (or power points, as the creator called them) flattened and carved on it, each highlighted with red and purple paint. It has passed from the hands of one tribal nomad shaman to the next as a tool to prevent harm by the jealous dead. As the nomads went from drier lands to more fertile ones, ghosts and other ethereal creatures have become less and less common, and few in the tribe even remember Rokudaki’s real use.

The club was created by a tribal elder who was concerned about certain attacks taking place at night against his people. Survivors spoke of a weight on their chest that roused them from sleep, often accompanied by paralysis or a deep chill. They would look about in horror...and see a recently deceased relative staring blankly down at them. These all-but-insubstantial ghosts managed to drain the life force from several people over the course of a few days.

The elder journeyed long to find the proper tree from which to take a weapon. At last he found one with branches as convoluted as the pain the attacks had caused among the tribe, and Rokudaki was cut from its wood in short order. A few smaller weapons were also made, a club and a short spear (but those have since disappeared). The elder returned from the trip tired but well armed, and gave the weapons to those members of the tribe who had been attacked. These few formed a quiet night patrol that, with guidance, thinned out the root of the attacks in a few weeks, sending the angry spirits back to the underworld.

Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Plane Shift; Market Price: 18,305 gp; Cost to Create: 9,305 gp + 720 XP.

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