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Ribauldequin, 15th century, studies from Leonardo da Vinci.


Large object
Armor Class: 19
Hit Points: 65
Damage immunities: poison, psychic

The ribauldequin, or organ gun, is a set of seven to twelve small-calibre cannons set on a frame in parallel or splayed. The cannons uses either gunpowder or arcane power – depending on your campaign – to fire a salvo of iron shot that is devastating to lines of infantry.

It takes one action to load each cannon, one action to aim the it, and one action to fire it.

Cannon Salvo. Each creature in a line 800 feet long and 10 feet wide in the direction of the cannon is subject to the following attack. Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, range 200/800 ft. Hit: 16 (3d10) bludgeoning damage. If not all the cannons in the ribauldequin are loaded, the width of the line-of-effect is reduced to 5 feet; if less than half of the cannons are loaded, only a single attack is made.

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