Restricted Access to Psychic Skills (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Restricted Access to Psychic Skills[edit]

As outlined in this book, psychic skills are fairly accessible to characters in a campaign. Psychics have the greatest access, of course, with their free and bonus psychic feats granting them more talents and the fact that they can acquire psychic skills as class skills. Characters of other classes have somewhat more limited access to psychic skills, needing the proper feats and acquiring psychic skills as cross-class skills, meaning that their advancement in those skills is slow compared to psychic characters.

Gamemasters may prefer to restrict access to psychic skills solely to characters with levels in the psychic class. This is as simple as making all psychic talent feats exclusive features of the psychic class. You may choose to allow the Wild Talent feat for characters of other classes, allowing them to acquire psychic skills on a one-for-one basis, or you may disallow it as well. That restricts psychic skills solely to members of the psychic class.

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