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The ritual for Reprogramming: Reprogramming (4e Ritual)

Reprogramming in Farfallen[edit]

Reprogramming is the forced removal of the free will of a target, forcing them to change their ways from heresey or any unapproved of behaviour. Reprogramming is generally frowned upon by more civilisied nations, and hardly occurs at all within Ourland. However, it is very prominent in Farfallen, where it is used by many different nations to remove 'heretics' such as Eldritch and Psionic based classes or opposed cults. More wealthy nations can afford to use reprogramming on commoners, and enforce an inquisition that searches for behaviour contrary to their nation's deity.

Reprogramming is enforced by forced apprehension of a victim, guilty in the eyes of more 'noble' nations that follow Pelor, Heirouinous or the good gods or revolutionary in the eyes of more malicious nations that follow the evil gods. These victims are usually taken to an inquisition cathedral, a fortress by any other name, and constrained onto an altar where the ritual is held. These fortresses are among the most difficult of places to break into, and some are even more heavily fortified than a leader's palace.

Reprogramming in Ourland[edit]

Reprogramming is used exclusively by the Quadmire Empire, often for manipulating other countries or planting sleeper agents. The other nations know of their useage of this ritual, and condemn them for it. The Quadmire claim that they only use the ritual for helping the mentally ill or disturbed, but this is often not the case.

Reprogramming in Thunder Valley[edit]

True reprogramming does not exist in Thunder Valley, as it is a divine ritual. However, a psionic equivilant exists, which uses the skill Arcana instead of Religion. The gemstones are replaced with psionic gems, more expensive, which brings the price of the ritual up to 40000 gp. As such, the ritual is far too expensive to use by malicious cults, and condemned by the three cities of the Valley.

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