Psychic Abilities and Magic are Different (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Psychic Abilities and Magic are Different[edit]

In this option, psychic and magical abilities are fundamentally different in some way. They don’t directly interact, although their manifestations may (for example, a fire lit with pyrokinesis is still a normal fire and a quench spell can put it out). So dispel magic and anti-magic shell have no affect on psychic abilities and a psychic shield likewise doesn’t offer any protection against mindinfluencing spells.

This option makes psychics both more and less powerful. Less powerful because they are often not as well prepared to defend against magical attacks as others, although they can still benefit from magic items and other forms of protection, just like nonspellcasters; more powerful because psychics can now largely ignore magical defenses that would stymie spellcasters. This may make psychics particularly formidable or feared in the campaign setting or it may simply mean that those seeking to protect themselves against supernatural abilities have to be concerned with both magic and psychic powers.

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