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The Portrait of Creature Shack allows the user (if humanoid) to alter their race to any of the following options:

Original race (removes effect), centaur, drider, merfolk, your base race with the Aquatic template, Vampire, natural lycanthrope (werewolf only), or opposite gender

The portrait can only be used by a particular character once every 72 hours. Exactly 120 hours after transformation into a new creature, the character must make a will save (DC 15) or acquire the alignment of the creature they have become, see below. 24 hours later (144 hours after transformation) the save repeats, only now it is DC 20. If either save fails, the character permanently becomes the creature they have changed into, as well as adopting the typical alignment of that creature. On the seventh day, the form that the character changed into becomes permanent, and they automatically gain the typical alignment of the creature they have become, as below.

The typical alignments are as follows: Centaur - Chaotic Good, Drider - Chaotic Evil, Merfolk - Neutral, Aquatic template - unchanged, Vampire - Chaotic Evil, Werewolf - Chaotic Evil, opposite gender - unchanged

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