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A nasty smell comes off of you, and you seem to puff clouds of toxin.

Type: Immediate 3
Description: Anyone that hits you with a melee attack or is hit with a weapon you wield must succeed on a Fortitude save or contract a random disease immediately (no incubation period) from the table below (roll a d6 to determine).

Disease Damage
Blinding Sickness 1d4 Str1
Cackle Fever 1d6 Wis
Mindfire 1d4 Int
Red Ache 1d6 Str
Shakes 1d8 Dex
Slimy Doom 1d4 Con

1 Each time a victim takes 2 or more points of Strength damage from blinding sickness, he or she must make another Fortitude save or be permanently blinded.

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