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Anarchy Domain (Chaotic Neutral)[edit]

Divine domain for a chaotic neutral cleric: Clerics of anarchy believe that nothing happens for a reason; everything is left to chance. Therefore, they preach that one must do whatever one can to stake the deck in their favor in order to get what they want. While usually stopping short of causing harm to others, clerics of anarchy do emphasize that there is no duty to help others. They believe that people should get out of life what they desire without others imposing their will on them.
Clerics of anarchy only take leadership roles within a party if it best suits their interests; otherwise they are happy for someone else to take that role if it’s too risky. When two or more party members want the same thing, clerics of anarchy suggest settling it by chance (drawing lots, throwing dice, etc). They believe that parties are formed for mutual benefit and won’t hesitate to kick someone out or leave themselves if the circumstances warrant.

Anarchy Domain Spells

Bonus Proficiencies
When you choose this domain at 1st level, you gain proficiency with any two skills of your choice. Your proficiency bonus is doubled when using these skills.

Magic Tricks
At 1st level, you can use magic to entertain and perform magical sleights of hand. You gain the prestidigitation cantrip.

Channel Divinity: Stacking the Deck
At 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to change the course of battle. As an action, you present your holy symbol and call on the forces of fortune to generate a field of probabilities. Any friendly creature within 30 feet of you gains advantage on the next roll it makes and any hostile creature within 30 feet of you gains disadvantage on the next roll it makes.

Channel Divinity: Only a Flesh Wound
At 6th level, you can use your Channel Divinity to mitigate the effects of damage. Whenever you are hit by an attack, you may focus your divine energy to take the least amount of damage possible. Instead of rolling, your opponent must count the result of every die of damage as a 1.

Lucky Strike
At 8th level, you can focus the randomness of chance. Once per turn, you may reroll your damage dice with a successful weapon attack and take the better of the rolls. Alternatively, you can shake the faith of the creature you struck, imposing disadvantage on its next attack roll before the end of your next turn. When you reach 14th level, you may reroll any die results of 1 or 2 on your reroll (not your original damage roll).

Master of Chance
At 17th level, you are the living embodiment of luck and chance. As a reaction, you can grant advantage or disadvantage to any one ability roll, attack roll, or saving throw.

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