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ODST Battle Armor[edit]

ODST Battle Armor

Type Tactical
Equipment Bonus +5
Nonprof. Bonus +2
Max Dex Bonus +4
Armor Penalty -4
Speed (30ft) 30
Weight 32lbs
Purchase DC 20
Restriction Mil (+3)

ODST Battle Armor[edit]

Light weight and strong, this is the armor worn by the elite men and women of the UNSC's ODST squads. This suit of body armor is vacuum-rated and made up of layered titanium and ceramic composite armor plating to give the user added protection. Along with the increased protection over the standard marine body armor the ODST Battle Armor comes equipped with a HUD and Communications Systems to give more situational awareness to the wearer.

ODST Battle Armor can perform in an EVA situation for 15 minutes.

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