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this is a overall guide to various tricks for the necromancer, much like sir milo teabag's Hero Bard Baby. everyone can freely add tricks for necromancers here.

Free Healing All Day Long[edit]

Pick up the Tomb-Tainted Soul feat in Libris Mortis. Poof, free healing all day long via Charnel Touch. Tell everyone in the party to get one, and you'll never need another wand of cure light wounds/wand of lesser vigor again.

ultimate necromancer[edit]

this a trick that will require some houseruling from your DM. it's simply about using the arcane preparation feat from complete arcane to make a dread necromancer qualify for the ultimate magus PrC from complete mage.


heroes of horror, complete arcane, complete mage

final progression and highlights[edit]

dread necromancer 8/ultimate magus 1 the dread necromancer have an ability called undead mastery, which basically adds your charisma bonus to your caster level while dtermining maximum crontrolled undead. thats very powerful by itself, and all detailed here: Undead Controller. but add this to the caster level increase of ultimate magus, and thats something. the only problem is ultimate magus rquires us to prepare arcane spells, and dread necromancers are spontanous casters. but there is a work-around. take arcane preparation feat, from complete arcane, and that solves the problem, right? sadly no. ultimate magus specifies that you must prepare from a spellbook, and arcane mastery doesn't say you use a spellbook. but im pretty sure you can make your DM houserule that it works. ultimate magus are still only worth one level, because most of it's power is in the spellcasting level increase for preparation class, and again, that doesn't count dread necromancer.

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