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Mystic Revenant

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A mystic revenant looks exactly as it did in life; it is perfectly preserved. Mystic revenants are created when a creature dies of mystic rot, which is spread by mystic leeches and other mystic revenants.

Creating a Mystic Revenant

This is an acquired template that can be applied to any living, corporeal creature that can cast spells or use spell-like abilities, referred to hereafter as the base creature.

Size and Type

Type changes to undead. Do not recalculate BAB, saves, or skill points.

Hit Dice

All present and future HD become d12s.


The revenant gains a fly speed of 20 ft. (perfect).


The revenant gains a natural slam attack that deals 1d6 damage (assuming medium size). It retains the ability to use any weapons, natural or manufactured, that it could in life.

Full Attack

A revenant may use natural weapons and/or manufactured weapons as normal.

Special Attacks

Mystic Rot (Su): Any creature other than a mystic leech or a mystic revenant capable of casting spells or using spell-like abilities (but not psionics; this is an exception to the magic-psionics transparency rule) who takes damage from the unarmed or natural attacks of the revenant is affected by mystic rot. 6d10 minutes after it is contracted, the victim must make a will save with a DC of 10 + 1/2 character level + cha modifier or take 1d6 damage to intelligence, wisdom, and charisma. Every 6d10 minutes after, another save must be made to resist taking another 1d6 damage to intelligence, wisdom, and charisma. The only way to be rid of mystic rot is to successfully make three consecutive saves. If the victim's intelligence, wisdom, or charisma are reduced to 0, they immediately die and become a mystic revenant. There is no way, even through a wish or miracle, to restore a mystic revenant to life.

Special Qualities

Telepathy (Su): A mystic revenant has a constant telepathic link with all mystic leech swarms and mystic revenants within one half mile.

A mystic revenant gains fast healing 5.

A mystic revenant gains spell resistance 20.

A mystic revenant gains turn resistance 4.

A mystic revenant gains damage reduction 10/Nullsteel.


A mystic revenant's intelligence, wisdom, and charisma increase by 5.




Mystic revenants gather with large groups of mystic leeches.

Challenge Rating



Often none, sometimes as base creature.


Always chaotic (any).


By HD or character class.

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