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Mt. Equinox[edit]

A complex environment, half Icey, half volcano. The size of the plane surrounds Mt. Equinox and its inhabitants gather around land below the volcano.

Plane Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: this plane has a normal gravity
  • Time: the time on this plane is a normal
  • Size: infoh
  • Morphic: Magically Morphic.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Elemental Dominance: on ice area there is water dominance. on mountain area there is no dominance. on lava area there is fire dominance
  • Energy Dominance: Info
  • Alignment Trait: this plane is chaotic neutral
  • Magic Trait: it has a normal magic

Plane Links[edit]

Warm places have a strong link with the Plane of Earth and the Plane of Fire.Cold places have a strong link with the Plane of Water and the Plane of Air.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

First there were the Empire of Fire, ruled by an old Azer who was always in war against the Kingdom of the Ice Giant.Titans took the Green Region, and never will give it back.Then other creatures came from other planes and made some settlements.

Movement and Combat[edit]

Combat and movement would work the same way as it does on the Material Plane.

Features of the Plane[edit]


Magma Worshipers[edit]

Fire comes from the soul.Only those who really believe in their inner divinity will embrace the flames.This faction think of themselves as a Sacred Brootherhood and their goal is blast the infidels (literally)."This place needs more heat", is a motto they repeat over and over.


Temperance is the only way to achieve Immortality.This is a ancient priesthood that usually complaints about how fast the people moves around, they usually repeat a saying from an old prophet:"The faster you move, the faster you will end".

Coal Traders[edit]

They believe in the true of the lifecycle: "you burn,you turn into ashes and smoke,I will sell those ashes, but the smoke is free".To them there is no difference between religion and economics, one code fits all!

Soul Melters[edit]

There is always happiness, there is always pain, people must go from one state to the other or they will be a source of misery to everybody else.Enjoy the pain, distrust the happiness.

Unity of the 99 principles[edit]

It is an illusion that you are you and that he is he , there is only one being and we are just a fragment.To achieve a better life you must forgot about yourself and embrace the Unity.

Exilers of the Wicked[edit]

There is only one true about the universe:He exists.Don't ask us about his holy name, all we can say is that the name of our lord begins with a finish that is sacred and ends on a circle of damnation.

Plane Encounters[edit]

Volcanic Area

There are a lot of fire elementals and other creatures with the fire descriptor in the volcanic area of the mountain: efreeti, salamanders, magma mephits, fire mephits, Azer's, magmin, thoqqua, rast's, phoenixes, firemanes and all kinds of fiendish creatures.

Ice Area

On the other hand there are water elementals and ice elementals on the frozen part of the mountain: water elementals, water mephits, titans, ice giants, some natural animals (deer boar and other of those kind living at the edege of the frozen area. and some celestial creatures.

Mountain Area

This area is inhabited by some earth elementals, some air elementals and natural creatures like boars, bears, deer and squirrels. some dwarves and humans live over here too.

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