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Goblin, Brute: Whether called bugbears, goblins, redcaps, or trolls, brute goblins are any of a host of nightmare creatures once employed as muscle by the faerie lords.

Goblin, Skulker: Skulker goblins are the chittering shadows that skulk through the dark beneath beds, in alleys, and sewers.

Goblin, Trickster: The trickster goblins are dark and dangerous creatures who bend emotion and shadows into waking nightmares and strange compulsions.

Kurg Warrior: A brutal race of huge, gray-skinned slavers from across the sea. When their great black warships make land sorrow follows.

Risen: A mortal creature that has been returned to life (after a fashion) by a skilled Necromancer.

Turathian Hunter: To those that have learned magic at the foot of the Turathians, or been unfortunate enough to draw their ire, it is well known that they employ things from beyond the barrier to do their bidding. When they want a man found and eliminated the hunters are what they send.

Warhorse, Sardonian: A fine breed of spirited and aggressive charger that has gained a bit of the Sardonian's own fearlessness over the years.

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