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Masque of Olidamarra[edit]

The Masque of Olidamarra is appropriate for characters of the middle of the Epic tier. The Masque take up your head slot.

The Masque of Olidamarra
Epic Level
Seemingly just a ceramic face mask designed to look like the lost god of luck, Olidamarra, this mask confers abnormal luck and incredible abilities on it's owner.
Enhancement: any roll that has a negative effect on you. It is considered a +6 item for this purpose.
♦ The Masque allows you to change your appearance to that of any creature within one size category of you.
♦ When diguised with the mask, add your charisma and intelligence modifier to any check to make someone believe you are who you are disguised as.
Power (Luck) ♦
"2d6" is not in the list (Daily, Encounter, At-Will, Consumable) of allowed values for the "4e Item Usage" property.
(Immediate Interrupt)
When you fail a roll, you may reroll it and take the higher result.

Goals of The Masque of Olidamarra[edit]

  • To reignite the worship of Olidamarra.
  • To always keep a light heart in its masters.
  • To bring punishment to the being responsible for Olidamarra's downfall.
  • To maintain secrecy as much as possible.

Roleplaying The Masque of Olidamarra[edit]

The Masque of Olidamarra is an item of a lost age. It's alignment is neutral in the sense that it has no real directions and only suggests thing that it thinks will be fun. It will, however help any wielder who is in it's area of expertise, sneaking and spreading good-natured chaos. It gives advice as long as that advice is fairly appropriate and always in the nick of time, so that it seems it only remembered it in time by sheer luck.


On obtaining this item, The Masque of Olidamarra itself introduces... itself to it's new owner. It's powers grow ever more hard to believe as it grows to really like it's owner, and it's favorites are left with a permanent reminder of their time with it. It's least favorites are too, but not nearly as good of one.

Starting Score 5
Owner gains a level +1d10
Owner sneaks past an enemy(Max 1 per encounter +1
Owner changes to worship of Olidamarra +3
Owner converts someone else +2
Owner fails to take a chance at something not life threatening. -1
Owner has an open opportunity to either convert or convert someone else to worship of Olidamarra and fails to attempt it. -2

Pleased (16-20)[edit]

"The laughing god is rebirthed in me!"
The Masque and its wielder are closely connected. Chaos and pranks follow in their wake, but little harm comes to innocents.

Property: The owner gains Illusory Copies Power.
Property: The Owner gains access to Wizard Cantrips.

Satisfied (12-15)[edit]

"I can't seem to stop giggling, guys. Wanna hear a joke?"
The Masque has taken a liking to the owner, and grants them a boon straight from the power Olidamarra lost.

Property: Gain a +4 to all skill checks and attack rolls made for sneak attacks. This bonus stacks with any and all bonuses.

Normal (5-11)[edit]

"Ok, who farted?"
The Masque regularly talks to itself, mostly about it's original owner and how her worship was once performed.

Unsatisfied (1-4)[edit]

"I defy this Mask."
The Masque disapproves of the order and lack of fun the owner forces it through, and at times becomes truly angry when a joke is passed up.

Property: The owner loses all Bonuses to skill checks.

Angered (0 or lower)[edit]

"I will overcome this thing by <insert other deity here>'s will!"
This is a level the Masque hates to find itself at. The Masque will constantly Jabber at you, just to distract you, and will on occasion actively seek to kill you if worn in a fight.

Property: All benefits from the Masque are gone
Property: The owner gains a -5 to Stealth and thievery checks
Property: All attacks are subject to a reroll, where the lowest of the two rolls takes a -2 penalty and is the one you take.

Moving On[edit]

"The laughter is needed elsewhere"
When The Masque feels it is time to move on, it waits until the next extended rest to do so. It disappears no matter why it is leaving, to be found by someone else it thinks needs some laughter in their life. If it leaves with Pleased attitude, the former owner is left with a tatoo that gives a permanent +2 luck bonus to all skill checks. If the Masque leaves while Angered, it leaves a mark on it's former owners face that permanently drops their charisma score by 2. In all cases, it leaves a gem worth 10,000 GP that marks the former owner as having carried The Masque. If sold, this gem becomes mundane.

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