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MJOLNIR Mk V[edit]


Type Tactical
Equipment Bonus +8
Nonprof. Bonus -
Max Dex Bonus +7
Armor Penalty -0
Speed (30ft) 40
Weight 850lbs
Purchase DC 120
Restriction Mil +3

MJOLNIR Mk V[edit]

The Mark V is equipped with a personal energy shield, making the Spartan wearing it all but invincible. Only Spartans are capable of wearing Mark V due to the circuitry and design of the suit. A non-augmented human would require a superhuman level of strength (Approximately 32) to even attempt to move the armor without risking breaking bones with every tiny movement. The Mark V grants a character +6 Strength, a +4 bonus to his Dexterity score and increases his speed by 10ft. It possesses a Motion Tracker.


Increased Range of Motion x6

Segmented Plates x4

Life Support (30min)

Integrated Weapon- Power Cestus (pair +2d4 lethal unarmed)

Spartan Helmet

 -Aquatic Air Filter

Heads-up Display (HUD)

  Feats: Alertness, Guide.

Full-Body Energy Shielding 22/11

See this page for background information.

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