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This shield, though strapped to your arm, is completely encumbrance free, though it can support only its own weight. The enchantment can be placed upon a Buckler, Light Shield, Heavy Shield, or Tower Shield. The shield becomes effectively weightless, frees up your hand (in the case of Light or Heavy Shields) for other tasks (though you still loose your shield bonus if it is used for tasks; however, your DM may allow some tasks (such as spellcasting) to retain the shield bonus if you possess the Improved Shield Bash Feat), and negates any arcane spell failure chance from the shield. You must still possess the Shield Proficency (General) if you wist to avoid the penalties of non-proficent shield use, as these are not negated by the enchantment. In addition, the check penalty is negated with regard to certain tasks that your DM decides comes from weight rather than it merely getting in the way (eg. swimming, but not climbing or stealthing).

Due to the negation of arcane spell failure chance, shields of this sort are sometimes referred to as "Magefriend Shields" thanks to the handful of mages that wield them for this very reason.

Price: +2 Bonus

To Create: Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Levitate, materials and XP to increase the shield's effective enhancement bonus by 2

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