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Over Deity

God of Dragons and lord of gods. "What creature in all of time has been more majestic or more powerful than Dragons." - The Exile

Symbol A Seven Pointed Star with a central rising spoke around which a Platinum Dragon with out stretched wings rests.

Plane All of Existence

Alignment Neutral

Portfolio Io remembers all things as they were and will be, he is the God of all Dragon kind and exists outside the concept of time where he has and will remain. So powerful is he that other gods would not challenge him without good reason, Io is surpassed by no other deity, by a single bite Io is able to destroy even the gods. Formidable though he is Io doesn't consider other deities as threats, in the same way that no deity would be foolish enough to challenge him.

Clergy Alignment LG NG CG LN N CN LE NE CE (Io is the embodiment of all dragons and contains all alignments)

Domains Magic, Time, Dragons

Favorite Weapon Claw & Wing }}

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Io's True form is a mystery to almost all dragons with the exception of his direct children, Bahamut, Tiamat, and Chronopiesis. He encompasses all creation and thus takes the form most befitting to those that encounter him. It is said that the largest dragons that ever lived is even smaller than one of Io scales, which radiate prisms of alternating light.


Io, having given birth to the race of supreme beasts, provided also the entities of magic to the world. He has little concern for the dealings of mortal men and will only concern himself with humankind for the betterment of Dragon Society as a whole.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Io is known to very few Dragons and even fewer humans thus making worship to him very mysterious. Creatures with immortality or exceptionally long lives with intelligence and wisdom to match turn to Io.

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